Monday, February 1, 2010

Such a Heavy Heart !

Goodmorning to all my precious friends. My heart is so heavy today. They are so many of my friends sick with cancer and other different things.You know if I prayed and called out each and every name, I would never get to say Amen. I am so glad that when I pray God already knows all about it. Please keep Lisa Smith in your prayers. I told her last week that after all is said and done she will have a testimony to share with everyone... She said she had already told God that this would not be waisted! That just blessed my heart so much. Please keep praying for my friend and the Mawmaw of my four precious grandsons.We hope to hear some good news soon.Pray for my precious husband. He has really went down here lately. Pray for me that I can be a light and an example to everyone.I have fallen short so many times! It makes me so ashamed... Please remember all my girls! My Amy has her hands full all of the time. But I always say she was born with the patients of Job...She has Four boys and two of them were born with autism...Amy handles it well. She home schools all of them..She has done so much research,She is helping other parents with autism. She is writing a book on top of everything else..It just amazes me sometimes what she does..But she will tell you, Its not me its the Lord! I am so blessed to have my girls and all thoes precious grandchildren...and I am blessed to have you all. Each and everyone one of you mean so much to me. we all have been through so much together...My grandaughter says Nanna do you really think God is in blog land? I told her,yes I do...God is everywhere...There are so many more that needs prayer,that I know!Lets just pray for one another...I hope you all have a great day! Blessings to you all,Photobucket


  1. Spending time in prayer this morning! Thinking of you and prayers coming your way.

  2. Oh Faye, I'm so sorry. Sometimes we are are in the valleys of what we call life and we just have to know that God works everything out for us, in time, his time.

  3. Praying for all these dear ones, including you. I love you.

  4. Sweet Friend,

    Yes there are so many in need of prayer and God knows every single one. I am praying along with you dear sister for you and all of those in need of prayer here along with so many more.

    I Love you Faye and I'm standing and kneeling beside you as all of us are pressing into Him so deeply for one another's needs.

    Love & Big Hugs,

  5. I am lifting my bloggy friends in prayer.

  6. I will continue to pray for your loved ones. Please remember me in your prayers if you think about it. I sure need it.

  7. Hi Faye,
    I will certainly add the requests you have given on my prayer list. I can see why your heart is heavy, there seems to be so much going on in peoples lives. I have been sick too for quit a while, but God is so gracious, and I now seem to be on the upward swing. "Praise the Lord."
    I thought what your g-daughter asked you was so precious.

  8. i think i feel the same way about all the suffering...if we called them each by name we would never say amen!! that's what being in constant prayer is praying without ceasing!! you are faithful warrior and i thank you!

    I so wish I was the only one in the world to walk the dark, broken road of cancer. My heart breaks for the many, many others on this path. i pray many will see and hear andknow because of this!! love to you, lisa

  9. Faye, Praying as I visit your blog. Praying strength and comfort.

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog. I loved your post. I will be praying for the ones you mentioned and the ones unnamed. I have a friend , a young mom of 2 precious girls, dealing with cancer.

    Congratulations to your daughter, on the book she is writing. She sounds like a wondeful person.

    Have a great week!

  11. Oh I'm like you my friend. My list gets longer and longer and I'm thankful that the Lord knows everyone by their first name and even though I may forget a name He doesn't!!!

  12. Dear Faye,

    Yes, the Lord is good and knows all His children's trials~We surely will be praying for everyone, as well, and especially for you as you support those around you.

    Love and joy,


  13. Prayers are a way of life around here. Can't have enough of them:) Sending some to you and those in need.

  14. Faye, my prayers to all mentioned. I wish you were with me on my treasure hunt in Idaho so you could have some fun and not have a heavy heart. I was there celebrating my mom's 90th birthday. I'm blessed to have her here for so long. Everyone's days are numbered and it's all part of God's plan. Thanks for sharing and praying for those in need.

  15. I completely agree. If we called every name, we'd never say Amen. That's o.k., I believe that God knows each of our hearts and knows that if we could call each name we wouldn't miss a single one.

    My thoughts and prayers are with all the ones you mentioned. I agree too that God is in blog land!

  16. Faye,
    You have the sweetest heart! You are always thinking of others.
    I feel the same way at my prayer list is so long that I'm going to forget someone. God knows.
    I'll be praying for these on your list.
    Love ya,

  17. Dear Faye, my newest friend.

    You live very close to me by the way - I'm in Kennesaw.

    I don't know all your background yet - but your current seems filled up right now with stress and worries.

    Add me as another prayer warrier for GA.

    Is Lisa your DIL? And your husband is ill too?

    Well I do know God is with you - always.


  18. Faye:
    Don't ever beat yourself up with the lie that you are a failure. You are not. You are God's child, spoken for and lavishly loved, and he will continue in his kindness toward you and me, most days in spite of us!

    I, too, have a heavy heart for so many. So glad that our Father has connected us in blog land to be a constant source of encouragement for others.