Friday, December 18, 2009


Goodmorning to all. Well I finally got all my candy done! I dipped peanut butter balls until I was seeing double! I am so proud of what I have got done.I feel like I have made so much progress! I thank God I am as well off as I am. It could have been so much worst! I hope you all have a great day! May God Bless You All! 

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  1. Oh girl, you just hit my sweet tooth hard! LOL! Peanut Butter Balls are my absolute favorite Christmas time treat and you have a whole bowl sitting there waiting for me and I have no idea where you live. LOL.
    Have a very Merry CHRISTmas!

  2. I was over at Mona's blog and this Ozarks farm chick could smell chocolate in her sidebar. Mmmmmm, I just finished my candy too. The last of the bunch was my famous truffles. The kinfolk would hang be high if these were not on my fudge platter.

    Ya have a wonderfully blessed day as we say here in the hills and hollers on the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

  3. Those look delish! I can't have them because the kids have nut allergies...but I can dream.

  4. Yummy! My son just looked at the computer and saw your peanut butter balls! We call them buckeyes here and now I have been commisioned to make some! :) Have a great day!

  5. Those look very delicious sweetie.

  6. Dear Faye,

    Yum! You certainly have been busy, blessing others this Christmas! I love your tree and all the other decorations~sweet and simple :) .

    I'm so glad that the Lord has given you the strength to do as much as you have.



  7. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Those do look YUMMY!

    You can send as many as you want my way. =0)