Saturday, May 30, 2009

Please Pray For My Daughter!

Hello to all my friends and prayer warriors! My daughter needs all your prayers. She and my son in law left out for Florida yesterday. They got there safe. This morning they was leaving out to go and eat breakfast, and a truck hit them head on. They had to life flight my daughter to the nearest trama center. The doctor said it would be a while before she could walk. She is in a lot of pain. My son in law was not hurt bad. He has some cuts and bruses . He was mainly worried about her. He was in one hospital and her in another. He was finally released this evening. He was so happy so he could go and be with her. I am a long way from her,I have just been praying for her.The man that hit them Was on drugs, and come to find out, it was not even his truck! Thank God He did Spare her life but she has a long road to recovery. Please just keep her in your prayers. May God Bless! Photobucket


  1. Faye, oh my goodness! How absolutely horrible.

    Thanking God right now for sparing her life and will definitely be praying for her. (and for you!)

  2. You have my prayers-
    even as I write this.


    I am so sorry.

  3. Lifting your daughter up and prayer and praising the Lord that she and her husband both survived. Is this the son in law whose salvation you have been praying for? If so, I believe his spiritual eyes will be opened.

  4. Oh, Faye...I can not believe this has friend, I am praying God to bless her and give her a speedy recovery. Praise God she will be OK.

  5. Wow. I am in shock. I will totally pray for her. Thank you Lord for sparing her life!

  6. Faye, thank you for telling me. I have been gone all afternoon and haven't been visiting any blogs yet.

    I will pray for her and her hubby, and for peace for you, knowing how difficult it is to be so far away.

    Just know that this is no surprise to God. He has not forgotten where you are in your own healing process and difficulties. He didn't just "dump" this on you, and I know you know that.

    Just remember He never gives us more than we can bear. Which means your daughter can bear this, and so can you. For He will bear it for you, my friend!

    Praying for quick healing for you both, for peace, comfort, and for a good night's sleep for you! Just go to bed and picture yourself holding onto His hand....

  7. My sweet friend, I am saying a prayer for her now that our dear Lord and loving Father will heal her and make her well really soon. May his loving arms just hold her tightly so and comfort her while she is in the hospital and afterwards. I am just so sorry to hear of your news. It breaks my heart for you after knowing that YOU are going through your own health issues. Faye, just know that our Father loves us with all of His heart and these are the times that we need to bound our strength through Him. I know this all too well. Give your burdens and heavy heart to Him. He will help you.

    all my love,

  8. I am praying. My sister was killed tragically 20 years ago in a senseless auto accident. I am praising GOD for your daughter's survival and praying for healing, restoration, strength, comfort, peace, and divine guidence for the doctors,nurses, and staff.
    Blessings, prayers, and hugs, andrea

  9. Oh goodness Faye! I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter, but Praise God she's alive and CAN recover. Wow... what a day for you. I'm sorry you can't go be with her.

    Will pray with you!!!

  10. Oh how awful! I'm so sorry that your daughter is going through this.

  11. I just prayed for them. I am so sorry that this happened. I hope everything works out.

    May the Lord have his hand and blessing upon all of you,

  12. Oh dear Faye
    I wondered where you were all weekend and I've been busy and didn't get a chance to see you. I am so very sorry about this. It sounds like your daughter's life is in good hands and thank the Lord.
    You are in my prayers...

  13. Faye, as you can tell, it's been quite awhile since I've been able to visit. Forgive me, I had no idea your daughter was in an accident. And to think I'd been praying for you and you needed more prayers for her.

    I will continue Faye.

    ...I chose your blog as one of my "Blessed Blogs" of the month. Maybe this way you can get a few more people over here and praying too.

    Blessings...Joanne :O)