Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am so Blessed!

Goodmorning to all my precious friend. Hope you all had a great weekend.I really had a good one. We got back home late yesterday evening. I went to check my blog, and I was just overwhelmed at all my all my comments. My sweet friend Susan @ My Hands...His Glory had made a prayer button on her blog. I just sat there and cried. I am so Blessed to have each and everyone of you all. I thank God for you every night.All your prayers and encouragment means so much to me.That helps me to try to be a little bit stronger. I say the scripture, Phil. 4:13 over and over in my head. It says, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me! I am going to keep a positive additude about this. I know they are people in worse shape than I am.( My Mama always said, you think you are in bad shape, but you can look around and find someone in worse shape than you are.) I really like my doctor.She is a lady doctor. She was so kind to me.She took her time talking to us. Then she wanted to know if we had any questions. And of course we had plenty of them. She did not get in a hurry, or try to rush us out. I think if you have a good doctor,That helps your feeling a lot.She is a Christian also.That really impressed me. She said to me before I left, Mrs.Blalock call upon the Good Lord! Wow,You never hear many doctors saying that. She told me she believes in the power of prayer. I really believe God sent her to me! She said stage 2 was good, if it had been a 3 or 4, I would be in trouble.So that is a good thing.I have another CT scan comming up.After that, I guess I will get started with what ever treatment I need to do. I know the Lord is in control, and He will be with me through it all! I also know you all will be with me also.That means so much to me! I hope you all have a very Bessed day! May God Bless You All! Love In Christ!
Oh and please keep little Avarie Giles and Little Kayleighs parents,The Freemans in your prayers also .I know they miss little Kayleigh so much! We all need prayers,and need to remember to pray for one another! Love You All! :)

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  2. I'd been trying to leave a comment. Hope this shows.
    How wonderful to have doc that is a Sister in Christ and encourages prayer. God's handiwork I'm sure of it.
    I'm glad to hear you had a good weekend. Ours was a good one too. I had my dad's 80th bday party and it was a smashing success!

  3. Faye,

    That is HUGE...to have a Christian doctor and the blessing of the prayer button.

    May you be comforted and see Christ in all you do today.


  4. Faye, I am SO happy that things are looking encouraging for you and your treatment! And that is such a blessing that you have a Christian doctor! We will keep praying for you!


  5. I'm so glad you had a good weekend and came home to such wonderful things!

    Praying for you in Texas!

  6. Faye, Check my blog~ There is an award for you!

  7. How wonderful to have a Christian doctor! That's awesome! She's right, stage two is a good thing.

    You will have a treatment plan and you are on your way to getting rid of this! Lots of people are praying for you, don't forget that!

  8. Praying for you all the time.

  9. Thank you so much for praying for my family when you have your own troubles. Guess that means that we are praying James 5:16. As the nurse told my Nan yesterday, "You take care of what you can do and I'll do the rest." I like to think of God saying that to us all.

  10. Dear Faye, I dropped by your blog from Rebecca's, and I want to offer you my prayers and encouragement. I don't know you, but I do know you are a dear, loving sister-in-Christ, and your love for the Lord is evident through your blog.

    May the Lord completely touch and restore you with His precious healing hand. And may he grant you grace and peace that passes all understanding in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    God is standing with you, and so many others are, too. Blessings to you.


    P.S. I am originally from Gainesville, Ga., and many years ago, we lived in Jasper for about two years. My husband is a pastor, and we have been in Alabama for nine years.

  11. We have a Christian Pediatrician and she is a God send. we love her and how awesome it is to know that your doctor knows the GREAT PHYSICIAN. You are in my prayers.

  12. What a blessing to have a Christian doctor...
    Have a blessed and peaceful day!
    sandy toe

  13. Faye
    You are such a wonderful lady with such a loving disposition. You have so much love to share and you know all who feel that way with you also. I'm so happy to know you have such a wonderful doctor. That will help with your optimism and your good faith to get you through challenges.
    I love to read about your mama and what you now pass on to your little ones.

  14. I love the button Susan made. I'm going to try to figure out how to get that on my blog. I've done it before, but sometimes things don't work out twice for me. :)

    How wonderful that God sent you such a special doctor. She sounds amazing and just that....God-sent.

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Faye.

    Love you,

  15. I'm so glad you have a kind doctor! And one that knows the Lord.

    Praying for you, friend.


  16. Dear Faye,

    I'm so glad you're doing well! And your doctor is a Christian, what a blessing. I love all the wisdom that your Mama passed down to you, and that you are sharing it with your grandchildren.



  17. Faye....I've been praying honey....I believe with all I have that God is covering you with HIS love, and mercy and HE knows where you are right now....
    Allow yourself to FEEL the prayers...you may not "know" us in person...but you know us in Christ, and we are sisters praying for another sister. Faye...hold tightly to the wise words of your momma...

    HUGS to you this morning....did you know I'm in Georgia too....We've GOT to stick together!:)


  18. Faye,
    I am so glad that you were met by wonderful thoughts and prayers by so many wonderful blogging friends when you came home. God is good.

    I am so happy that you had a good weekend.


  19. I know, mine are getting closer and closer to leaving the nest as they are getting older.....sniff!

    You have a lovely day, my friend!

  20. Faye,

    So very nice to meet you and have the wonderful privilege of praying for you! So glad your doctor's hands rest in His hands.

  21. sending along some "commenter thankx" with a cute little panda...
    come copy him if you'd like

    hope you had a blessed day!

  22. Faye, I just think you will have such a powerful testimony through all this b/c you have made Jesus your rock and your shelter. You have ran to His Word and he is leading your steps!!

    I keep on praying for you and I can't wait to rejoice with you when you are on the other side of this trial--complete and well.

    Love and Prayers!

  23. Faye..remember this?
    "It is no secret..what GOD can do..
    What HE's done for others, HE'll do for you..
    With arms wide open..HE'll pardon you..
    It is no secret, what GOD can do!

    I love that old hymn and I believe in it.

    You have HIS love and our love..you cannot lose!

  24. Faye, still praying my sweet bloggy friend. And adding your button to my blog now...

    In Him,


  25. Faye -- praying for you and all that you are going thru. I believe that Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever and He still heals. I am praying for your healing in faith right now and believing God for showers from heaven.

    Lord Jesus, I pray that your Kingdom would come and your will would done, right now, in Faye's life. Bring your healing touch Jesus. Amen and Amen.

  26. ((Faye))
    Oh my friend! I am so sorry for all that you have gone through. I am here for you girl and praying!!! I love the prayer link that your friend made and would love to put it up on my blog if it is alright with you.

    I am so glad that you have a good doctor and a Christian one! God is so good isn't HE? He is comforting you right now by giving you one of His children to watch over you in your time of need.

    I am on my knees for you my friend. Thank you for letting us know how you are doing - it helps us know how to pray.
    I will pray for God's strength through all of this as well.
    You have a beautiful spirit Faye - that is what we all love about you!
    Blessings and hugs,