Friday, May 15, 2009

Counting My Blessings!

Goodmorning to all my precious friends. You know I have been thinking how Blessed I am.The Lord has been so good to me.I had a dear friend that told me to read Ps.112:7,and Phil:8.I read them and they brought me a lot of comfort.This picture is what blessings is all about.These are 3 grandchildren that Had thier picture took with nanna! The other grands was outside playing.I have 10 of these little blessings.They have brought so much joy to my life.No matter how bad I feel when I look at them, well they have a way of changing your day.They are so humble and sincere.So full of love that they are so willing to give. And there is my precious daughters.I am so proud of them.They are my daughters ,best friends and most important,My sisters in Christ.There is my precious husband.He is so special to me. My family,my church family and you all,my precious bloging family.You all are there for me when ever I need you.You all help keep me going, with your prayers, cards ,and words of encouragement!God knows what He is doing.I believe with all my heart he sent each and everyone of you my way. I Thank Him for that everyday! You know this blog was started for the sole purpose for all my crafts. I think God had another reason for it.He knew my future and he knew I was going to be sick.It turns out that I have done more fellowshiping, than I have done anything else.But that is allright.My oldest grandaughter ask me a while back, Nanna is God in blogs to? I replied, yes Abbi. I know He is. He has put you all in my life. I get so down sometimes,and then I will look in my comments, or check my mail, and there will be something you all say that helps me get through the day! You all mean so much to me.I hope there is something I can do for you all one day.I feel like I owe you all so much! You know I have learned it is the little things in life that means the most. A beautiful flower blooming, A red bird in the yard singing away,The gentle breeze that blows across my face! Oh I could go on and on.It is funny how you have looked at things, but yet you have actually seen them for the first time.But this is good.That just shows me that I have slowed down and focusted on the things that are the most important in life. Life is so short,I think we all need to live it like it was our last, because who knows, It very well could be. We do not have the promise of tomorrow.The important thing is to be ready to go for we know not the hour or the day,that we will be called away. Iam so sorry I do not know why I got started on all this. I hope I have not board you to bad. I hope each and everyone of you have a very blessed day! May God Bless You All my precious friends. Love in Christ! JOHN 3:16
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  1. Faye,

    You are right, we are not promised tomorrow, but it is what we make of today and the blessings that we find in each day. You are blessed with a wonderful family.
    Have a great Friday.

  2. Most definitely the answer to Abbi's question, "Is God in blogs too?" is most definitely "yes" I sense Him in yours today and in so many others that I read daily.

    Love your blog. I plan to frequent here.

  3. Love the beautiful look Faye! Abbi had a very good question and I agree with you:) Have a good weekend. Praying on......for you!

  4. What a blessing to have so many grandchildren!

    I find that when I am feeling down it is a good thing to count my blessings and to praise the Lord. Our enemy cannot work in an atmosphere of praise, which is why we need to praise the Lord for whatever He brings.

    This just puts our hearts in a thankful attitude, and changes the way we look at things. Being thankful and praising Him lifts up our spirits, which is good for our health!

  5. I love your new blog look! It's beautiful. Everyday is a new day and I so often think of it kinda like that box of never know what going to get! Sweet, but sometimes with a tart taste, and often a little chewy and hard to get through and then there's the one that's just to your taste!

    What we can count on is knowing that we have Jesus as our savior, our comfort, no matter the day! Praying for you my friend.

  6. Live each day with a smile I say to my kids. I hope you are having a better day. I wrote a little funny post today that I hope makes you smile for Foodie friday on my blog.

  7. Hi Faye
    Amen my blogging sister !
    blessings to you.

  8. Well said, my dear!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please come again soon.

    Aunt May's Cottage

  9. Ten grandchildren!! Oh, you are blessed! And they are most definitely blessed to have such a sweet Nana! I pray that you are strengthened today, dear Faye!

  10. I think it will be fun! I'm looking forward to it.

    BTW, my own kids call my mom Nana. I have no idea what I'll want to be called someday, I guess I'll wait till it happens.

  11. Grandchildren are a blessing...your heart is full of them! Have a blessed weekend.
    sandy toe

  12. Hi Faye,

    I also believe that God is in blogland!! Grandchildren as such a blessing. I love my Kailee! It's awesome the things that they say.
    Hoping you have a great weekend.
    Deb :)

  13. Hi Faye...just catching up with you! Such a sweet post! I too believe that God has a plan in this bloggy world and connects us all together to give encouragement to one another.

    You are such a blessing...praying for your return to vibrant good health!

    Bless you,

  14. Hi Faye,

    Thanks for sharing that with us! We love your
    site!! Amen & amen! :)

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    May the Lord bless you and your family!!

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  15. Dear Faye,

    Thank you for coming by my blog, and for sharing your life with us in "Blogland". I, too, believe that God is in blogs, for I have been blessed by getting to know you and other wonderful women, through their little places on the internet.

    What a precious, sweet family you have; so many blessings to keep you going.

    I'm still praying for you,



  16. I think that God has weaved all of our lives together in this season for specific reasons. We all have different needs, yet all of us are connected by the sacred bloodlines of Calvary. That makes us family, Faye; I wish that I could be here more to share in your story more, but rest assured that I am thinking of you this night. In particular, I thank God for your witness of faith during this difficult time of uncertainty. Without the anchor of heaven to hold us steady, we'd be lost. As I said in my post, may the presenting Love of Christ's presence be your portion as you walk this week. May you see him at every turn, and may he profoundly speak his love over you as you go. You are his precious child, and you are well-loved this night.


  17. Faye
    I've read some of the comments and you are so fortunate to have such wonderful blogging friends..along with your beautiful family, your grandchildren, daughters..your husband. There is so much strength for your good health and your prayers. Keep are in my prayers..